Introduced to the Xperia the “Always On Display” of the Galaxy


Galaxy S7 is mounted on the edge is “Always On Display”, it is very convenient likely. In fact, because there are apps with similar functionality I possible something similar even Xperia if installed, but there was a little problem. .

The “Always On Display”?

If the literal translation of the English as the “always on display”, is display the ability to turn on the information such as the time on the display, even off of state (sleep state).
This function has been installed in the Galaxy S7 edge but, there are apps that provide the same function, you can use the same functions in the Android smart phone, such as Xperia.

Sony Xperia

GlanceplusXperia GlanceplusXperia

Playstore: Glance Plus More of Customization

Playstore: Always on Screen

Playstore: Always on Screen Plugin



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