3.5mm Jack 8 LED Lights Selfie Enhancing Flash LED For IOS Android Smartphone

3.5mm Jack 8 LED...
3.5mm Jack 8 LED... 3.5mm Jack 8 LED... 3.5mm Jack 8 LED... 3.5mm Jack 8 LED...


Offers more professional and sync retina flash(Retina Flash) for front camera
Brighter image and clearer picture
Less power usage and easy to operate
Perfect Gift

Clear selection

Product Description

8 strong light bulbs mixed the cold and warm light make the light more natural,(The screen flash of phone6S/6S plus shows the weak light,but our 8 bulbs flash can be used in darker areas)
Cold-warm light bulbs which imitate the natural light can mix the yellow and white light as a result,the shooting in night will be exceptional.
This can be sync flash light. When you install the app,it can flash as the same time when using facetime camera.
3 kinds of brightness can be chose (strong,medium,weak),customer can slide the switch in the side to choose different brightness model according to different environment condition.
It can save the flaw that many existed phones which do not built-in flash for facetime camera. Give best selfie to you.
It can be an emergency desk lamp,flashlight and keyboard lamp.

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Baby Blue, Black, Pink


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