Sony Xperia XA Hands-on

Its Me, Its Xperia
Sony Xperia XA Hands-on

* Tested on Demo unit at Sony Store


Sony Xperia XA is a beautiful piece of midranger device. Sony mobile had been cutting down in bringing new devices to market in 6 month cycles. Xperia XA in the X series is the lowest in cost and offers borderless screen accompanied by 2.5D curve edges. Its feel great on hand and lightweight too. At the back made of matte plastic with a simple engraving NFC and Xperia logo plus it is not fingerprint magnet.

The new Xperia user interface not only double up the speed but there are also hidden goodies. The icon are rounded and more colorful which are much more easiler to look at. Press and hold onto the main screen you will be able to access widgets, wallpapers, theme and home setting. You will notice that the applications on the overlay also appear to have a uninstall feature without having to hunt in your application drawer. Transitions was smooth and fluid. However when you need to swipe to unlock from the lockscreen, it seem to lag in a second or two.


Sony mobile had been working very hard on delivering accurate typing and fast toggering between languages. This is the first time swiftkey keyboard was inbulit in Xperia X series and set as the default kayboard in X lines up. It’s allow you to change theme and colour of the keyboard, layouts, undock, resize and more.


Xperia XA come with 13mega back shooter and 8mega front selfie. The delicated camera key startup faster than the pervious model. Autofocus does the job. The capturing to processing is much more faster than the pervious generation. Front 8mega produce very nice colour tone and clear image however some noise are still present. Manual mode does better job than Superior auto in certain lighting.

The speaker is located at the bottom part of the phone just beside the charging area which doesnt block the sound when the phone is place on flat surface. However i find the speaker abit softer and muffled. Still produce some crisp and stero playback.


Overall the phone is nice to hold and it light. The borderless screen is a great welcome. With its new color scheme and smooth transitions its will attract many new users.

Stay tuned for the Sony Xperia XA review

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